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Journal of Geomatics Science and Technology (JGST) is a specialized journal published by the Iranian Society for Surveying & Geomatics Engineering which covers a wide range of theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects in Geospatial Engineering. As an Engineering and science research journal, JGST is published in four issues each year. JGST aims are to introduce, promote and advance all activities, including education, research and innovation, in Geospatial Engineering and relevant sciences. Further, JGST provides the link between experts in Earth Science in general and Surveying Engineers in particular.

The motivation for this journal is driven by the following points: (1) there is a need to have an e-journal accessible to all Geospatial Engineering researchers, (2) scientists from third- world countries need a venue that does not incur publication costs, (3) quality papers deserve rapid and fast publication through an efficient peer review process, and (4) an outlet is needed for rapid dissemination of Geospatial Engineering conferences held in Asian countries.

The journal is under the Iranian Society for Surveying & Geomatics Engineering (ISSGE).


The JGST policies with regard to the refereeing manuscripts are:

· To keep the manuscript confidential.

· Not to copy or distribute the manuscript to third parties (note that the assigned manuscripts have not been published yet).

· Not to disclose or use the manuscript information for any purposes.

· To provide comments and viewpoints to the Editors of JGST only.

· The referee's comments are absolutely confidential and can only be accessed by the Editors and Director of JGST.

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